PUCKER UP! lip balm

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Did you know that your lips are the only part of your skin that do not create their own oil? For this reason we made Pucker Up! out of the best oils and butters to help your lips heal quickly + retain moisture.

Our all-natural lip balm is packaged in an eco-friendly paperboard tube that is 3x the size of normal lip balms (0.5 oz compared to 0.15 oz).

  • Handmade in small batches*
  • Retains moisture and naturally scented
  • Packaged in a compostable paperboard push-up tube
  • All-natural product, cruelty free + paraben free**

Pucker Up! lip balm is also part of the Snack, Drink + Relax! package

*OR guarantees the use of quality ingredients; however, product consistency may vary slightly by batch.

100% natural 100 organic non gmo non-gmo gluten free

**Ask about our all-natural vegan Pucker Up! made with soy wax ⦁ hello@ORthealternative.com

About the ingredients

All of the ingredients deeply moisturize to promote a nourished, kissable pout:

Organic coconut oil eliminates the need for a preservative because it is antimicrobial, and antibacterial. Its antioxidant vitamins E and K penetrate deep into your lips to protect them from damage and help restore + lock in moisture.

Local raw beeswax** is from northeast Ohio to support our local pollinators. We use beeswax to provide a protective barrier between your lips and the elements.

Raw organic cocoa butter is highly concentrated with saturated fats that quickly absorb into your lips and act as an emollient (softening moisturizer).

Raw organic shea butter encourages your skin to produce collagen, which is your skin’s natural protein used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamins A and E contained in shea butter can also be easily absorbed into your lips to repair and prevent damage.

Sweet almond oil + vitamin E oil is a moisturizing anti-inflammatory that is great for sensitive skin. Also rich in antioxidants, vitamin E oil works with your skin to heal and restore.